Statue of Liberty

United States of America

  • Capital City: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 327 million + (2018)
  • Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
  • Time-zone: UTC -11 to +12
  • Climate: Overall temperate with some exceptions
  • Visa Requirements: Check HERE
American Flag

This large and beautiful country has long been considered one of the most influential countries in the world.   With the third largest population behind China and India, it is home to more that 320 million people in 50 states and one federal district, (not including any sovereign territories) who live in the many suburban landscapes and sprawling cities.

The United States has some of the most amazing and beautiful National Parks in the world, such as Yellow Stone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Joshua Tree to name a few.  And some of the most impressive cities, like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

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