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How to Get to Ye from Yangon, Hpa-An or Malamyine

Ye (pronounced Yay) is located about half way between Mawlamyine and Dawei.  Ye was only opened to tourists around the end of 2013, so there is not too much information around on how to get there. 

How to get to Ye Myanmar

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Aung Mingala Highway Bus Station
Aung Mingala Highway Bus Station

From Yangon

From Yangon make your way to Aung Mingala Highway Bus Station.  It’s big and hectic and can be quite confusing so make sure you ask the taxi driver to take you to a particular bus company.  If you get lost while you are there just ask someone, people are very helpful and will point you in the right direction. 

Prices will range from 8000 Kyats to around 15000 kyats.  There are smaller busses too, but they pack them with people, including putting seats in the aisles.  It’s a long bus trip and can be bumpy, as the roads in Myanmar aren’t that great.

The following bus companies will get you to Ye from Yangon.

  • Aung Ya Da Na – 3 pm and 4 pm
  • Shway San Set Jya – 6 pm, 8:30 pm and 9 pm
  • Mann Ya Za – 4 pm
  • Myu Set Tit – 7 am and 7 pm
  • Shwen Lay – 7 am
  • Shwe Wai Minn Express – 1 pm

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Yangon Central Railway Ticket Office

You can also take a train from Yangon to Ye which is slower than the bus, and even bumpier.  Both options are reasonably priced but the train is cheaper – anywhere from 3250 to 6500 Kyats depending on whether you take the ordinary seat or the upper-class seat.  There are no sleepers on this train, just seats and the journey is around 16 hours but expect it to be longer.


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Bus Stop in Hpa-An

From Hpa-An or Malamyine


If you’re in Hpa-An (pronounced Pa-An), make your way to the bus stop which is near the roundabout (see map), this bus will take you to Mawlamyine.  If you can get your hotel/hostel staff to help you write a sign in Burmese script it will be easier and people will point you in the right direction.  The cost is 1000 Kyats each and it took around 2 hours.  They leave on the hour, starting at 9am.  Please double check bus times while there as they may have changed.

Hpa-An Map
Hpa-An Bus Stop Map

From Mawlamyine (pronounced Moulamine) there are two main bus stations marked on Google Maps.  The bus from Hpa-An will terminate at Mawlamyine Highway station, but the one you want is Zeigyo Bus Station so get off at the big round about before the bus turns right down (see map)

If you end up at the main bus station like we did, don’t worry, you can easily get someone to take you to the correct one.  It was raining when we went so we opted for a tuk tuk instead of the back of a motorbike and that was 1000 Kyats each – there were three of us.

Zeigyo Bus Station Mawlamyine
Zeigyo Bus Station Mawlamyine

Once at Zeigyo Bus Station ask around and tell people you want to go to Ye (always repeat this and say it twice – Ye, Ye) and someone will direct you, or your tuk tuk driver might take you straight there as ours did.  When you enter through the gate the place where you buy the tickets should be on your right with a restaurant next to it.  If I am reading the sign right in the photo below there are three busses for the day, one at 9 am, 10:30 am and 1 pm.

Departure Times to Ye (I think)
Zeigyo Bus Station Ticket Office to Ye
You can buy your tickets from the counter for 3000 Kyats each and the bus should take about 5 hours.  Unfortunately it’s not the most comfortable bus ride.  When you buy your tickets they should assign you a seat; try to get one at the front of the bus if possible.  Once in Ye the bus stops outside the Pagoda and everything is pretty much walking distance from there. If you would like to take the train from Malamyine to Ye, it is near the Malamyine Highway bus station on the right hand side before the bus terminates. Once in Ye, if you are looking for somewhere to stay we recommend Starlight Guesthouse.  Dave, an American, and his wife run it together and he’s very helpful.  Check out the current prices here.

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